Health-Check Platform

Health-Check Platform

Our Health-Check Platform is designed for you to receive real-time insights into the health and wellness of your employees through customizable questionnaires. 

  • Track when employees have received a vaccination or when they're due to submit a COVID-19 test result
  • Set-up simple or in-depth questionnaires pertaining to the physical and mental health of your employees 
  • Stay ahead of health trends within your organization and quickly address them if needed 
  • Build intelligent reports based on health data analytics
  • Easily integrate with existing HR systems and employee wellness applications



Health-Check can easily integrate with QuikSense Pro, an all-in-one device giving you the ability to read temperatures from the wrist to maintain a contactless experience. Users can answer screening questions before leaving the house and take their temperature on site.



Starting at: $500/month (Based on 250 employee count).
$440/month with 12% exclusive savings.

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Support your workforce with needed personal protective equipment at preferred pricing and rapid delivery. JPR Medical, in cooperation with Humana, has made this available to all employers to help at this critical time.

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