QuikSense Pro
QuikSense Pro
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QuikSense Pro

QuikSense Pro provides high-accuracy and fast temperature screenings from an individuals’ wrist. Users enjoy a contactless experience promoting hygienic expectations and giving your facilities’ employees and guests peace of mind. QuikSense Pro is powered by our Health-Check Management Platform.

  • Customizable user experience
  • Adjustable temperature thresholds
  • Configurable health questions
  • Medical-grade infrared wrist sensor
  • Pre-calibrated
  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Portable & easy to use
  • Scans temperature within seconds
  • QuikSense Pro is FDA certified IEC 80601-2-59-2017 specification


  1. ID Verification
    Individuals can scan the QR code or access the website provided by their employer. Users may be asked to verify their identity with two-factor authentication.
  2. Answer Health Questionnaire
    Health screening questions can be answered at the kiosk or in advance with a mobile device.
  3. Temperature Scan
    Individuals will need to scan their wrist for a proper temperature reading.
  4. Results
    The individuals’ answers will be sent to their mobile device determining whether they are permitted to enter the location.


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